Rush Harvest 2014


Another fantastic year of rush harvest is over. 6 weeks of cutting with a total of 2100 bolts now safe in my barn. 

I had great intentions of taking photographs of the full harvest team but somehow i did not get round to it. The cutting time is all consuming.

On the river we had my brother, Davey, down from Scotland for 4 weeks. Ivor, my boyfriend and Giles, Ivor's nephew. Adam and Demi held the fort back at the workshop and turning the rush on the drying hedge.
Some beautiful days on the river, fantastic weather punctuated with some serious downpours which meant we had several days not cutting. On those days we sort out the rush on the hedge and when necessary get it under glass a few miles away. I rent 200sq.m of glass house which means we don't lose any rush. The temperatures absolutely soar in there!
Our cutting sites were Oakley Bridges and Turvey on the Gt. Ouse in Bedfordshire. Aldwincle and Oundle In Northants on the Nene then over to Olney, the Ouse again in Buckinghamshire to finish the harvest.

These photos are of us on The Nene at Aldwincle having very neatly cleared the river of rush. We were last there 3 years ago.

Felicity harvesting


Felicity rush harvest

English bulrush

Boss, our Lab decided he would get a lift on the trailer while we are loading the dry rush on to the trailer to go to the barn.

Ivor and Boss

Boss dog

nice stovepipe hat... is it a new line or a oneoff?

pank snr

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