Easter Egg Baskets


Celeste made a series of these as Easter egg baskets last weekend on my rush course on 8th and 9th. She is going to send them out to her grandchildren in the States. Once dry she is going to weave Easter ribbon between the uprights. An American tradition!

Rush Easter Basket

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Rush Weekend Workshop

Bags, Baskets, Hats, Plaiting

Hi Felicity,

Another great weekend, I should have worked harder but it was such heaven working there at Grange Farm, so peaceful, with music on, door open, blue sky, birds singing and your enthusiasm, support and help, not to mention wonder the lunches. Can’t wait to be there again, June maybe.
I will get the baskets finished but definitely not satisfied with standard of little round dome one!! Must do better if I can remember how!
Very best wishes & thanks again

Ditto . . . But I LOVE your little round dome one, Suzanne!!! Toooo cute!!! but waaaay beyond my skills!!!


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