Walling at Chateau Azay le Rideau

Plaiting, Walling

We have successfully fitted rush panels to the walls of the Renaissance bedchamber at the Chateau of Azay Le Rideau. It is the first time that we have worked for the French government, I cannot imagine that French government documents are any more long winded than English, they are however even more opaque when written in legal french. The very wonderful lady curator who ran the project explained that rush wall covering was very widespread throughout France up until the end of the 14 century, when it fell out of favour with the royal family and therefore became so unfashionable that the skill was lost in France and only a few contemporary drawings and documents survive to show the craft existed at all. It was a great moment when the curator saw the finished room and suggested that it might be the first time for some five hundred years that a room had been worked with rush wall hangings. Please refer any evidence to the contrary to The Centre des Monuments Nationaux, Paris, although I would be very interested as well.

Rush Plaiting

This photo shows how the plait has been reduced around a door architrave to avoid compromising the plait by cutting.

Rush sewing

This is a corner detail of an fine eleven end plait being sewn to the larger nine end wall cover plaiting.

Rush walling

This photo is the eleven end being sewn into a timber fixing along the bottom of the hanging to finish the corner into the most beautiful fireplace.


Felicity and Adam, perhaps aka Gilbert and George, as part of their artwork and also showing the finished doorway and the returns into the window.

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